Mercedes to run red Halo on F1 cars as Lauda tribute

Mercedes to run red Halo on F1 cars as Lauda tribute



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Mercedes’ Formula 1 cars will run with red Halos during the remainder of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend as a tribute to Niki Lauda.The three-time world champion passed away earlier this week at the age of 70 and Mercedes has already revealed a series of tributes for its former non-executive chairman.Lauda’s signature and the text “Danke Niki” feature on the noses of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas’ W10 cars, while the team has turned one of the stars on the engine cover red. In addition, Mercedes has now revealed a red Halo.It marks a number of tributes up and down the Monte Carlo paddock, with Lauda’s former teams Ferrari and McLaren also paying homage to the Austrian, who won world championships for both squads, becoming the first driver in history to do so.Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel is also wearing a tribute helmet inspired by Lauda’s famous red design throughout the weekend.1558631755.jpg accImages.createImage(); 

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