Alonso describes Hamilton’s decision which led to brilliant overtake

Alonso describes Hamilton’s decision which led to brilliant overtake



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The old teammates and rivals created the standout moment of the 2023 curtain-raiser when Alonso masterfully passed Hamilton en route to a podium finish.He then described a dramatic debut for Aston Martin to Sky Sports…Can Fernando Alonso win races for Aston Martin in 2023? | F1Video of Can Fernando Alonso win races for Aston Martin in 2023? | F1Marko questions legality of Aston Martin’s ‘Green Bull’ You made contact with teammate Lance Stroll on Lap 1…Alonso said: “The start was okay. Similar to Red Bull’s, worse than Ferrari’s.“I thought Lewis was on the inside but he wasn’t so I lost momentum there. On Turn 4 I came into problems – Lewis was too close, then Lance came from very far.“I could not think Lance was that close! I thought it was George Russell!”The Mercedes were both in front in the early stages…“I stayed calm. The priority was to check that the car was fine after the hit. I knew the race was long in terms of tyre deg. But it’s not ideal when you have to overtake a lot of cars.”You made the most of your new tyres…“I wanted to use them properly!”

Coulthard on Wolff’s ‘brutal’ W14 verdict: “A big kick in the whatnots”Describe overtaking Hamilton…“I had momentum on the exit. I committed. Luckily Lewis didn’t close the door otherwise I would have hit his rear wing. “You either do it like Lewis, and don’t close the door, or like Carlos Sainz – you close the door, then you are weak on the exit.” You overtook Sainz but also touched cars…“I didn’t feel [contact]. It’s the British technology! If you defend on the inside you are very weak on the exit. I had more pace and better tyres so they couldn’t stop me for long.”Related Bullish Aston Martin plot to change two-thirds of AMR23 car Changing Merc concept is no quick fix – just ask Aston! Bahrain talking pointsA podium finish to begin the season…“This feels good because it’s on merit. On the last few occasions when I was competitive, there were special circumstances. We have changed concept so there is a new philosophy to the car. It was an amazing start to this project.” 

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