Bottas: Reverse grid F1 races would’ve been ‘a bit unfair'

Bottas: Reverse grid F1 races would’ve been ‘a bit unfair'



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Valtteri Bottas says the introduction of reverse grid qualifying races in Formula 1 would have been “a bit unfair” given how difficult it is to overtake at certain tracks. F1 was hoping to trial a 30-minute sprint style qualifying race set by the reverse championship order on the second weekend of the double-header events in Austria and Great Britain to determine the grid for the main grand prix on Sunday.Despite the majority of teams being in favour of the format change, Mercedes opposed the proposal and F1’s failure to obtain unanimity means the initiative has been dropped for this season. Bottas said he was “kind of” interested in the idea but also felt it would be unfair at circuits where overtaking is harder than usual, such as the Red Bull Ring, which will host back-to-back races when the season restarts on July 5. “It’s kind of also a bit unfair at times because at some tracks we know how difficult it can be to overtake,’ the Finn said during an Instagram live video hosted by F1. “Maybe that would make you play some games in the qualifying race. I just like fair racing and may the best man win. “As we are now, I’m pretty comfortable with the current format.”Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo argued that introducing reverse grid races was not a priority for F1 and said it had the potential to “make things a little messy”. “I’m not always old-school, but I guess it’s not really the first on our priority list of things to change,” he explained. “I can see how some fans would be like, ‘Yeah, it would be great to have the fast guys trying to come through the field’ and all of that. I see that point of view.“There are a lot of scenarios where it wouldn’t work, and it would make things a little messy.”4“I can see why from a couch potato, as I am right now, it could be exciting. But I think from a purist and a real racing point of view, I don’t think we need to go there just yet.” 

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