Dupasquier's racing number to be retired from Moto3

Dupasquier's racing number to be retired from Moto3

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A special ceremony to be held on Friday afternoon at this weekend’s German Grand Prix will see Jason Dupasquier’s racing number (50) officially retired from further use in the Moto3 class.The Swiss rider, 19, was tragically killed in a qualifying accident during the Italian GP event at Mugello last month.The retirement of Dupasquier’s number – which will take place in the Sachsenring press conference room in front of his CarXpert Prustel GP team – follows a similar mark of respect for Luis Salom (Moto3), Shoya Tomizawa (Moto2), Marco Simoncelli (MotoGP) and Daijiro Kato (MotoGP), who also lost their lives on track.2006 MotoGP world champion Nicky Hayden’s #69 was also retired following his tragic cycling accident, while the racing numbers for Loris Capirossi (#65) and Kevin Schwantz (#34) were retired when they stopped competing.Related ArticlesaccImages.createImage(); Petrucci: Sachsenring a ‘good opportunity, we can be fast’accImages.createImage(); Petrucci: Sachsenring a ‘good opportunity, we can be fast’Dupasquier was taking part in only his second grand prix season and had scored points in every race leading up to Mugello, including a best of seventh place and just 1.043s from the race winner at Jerez. cnxps.cmd.push(function () {cnxps({playerId: “b44576b9-6f7e-4a8d-ad0b-f498c77a5f76”, storyId: “843198b2-0c04-4765-95da-5e8d13e2248a” }).render(“eb6c0b449d8244858afef55f8c12794d”);}); 

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