Kögel Mega Lightplus Combines A Large Cargo Volume With Maximum Payload

Kögel Mega Lightplus Combines A Large Cargo Volume With Maximum Payload


Kögel Mega Lightplus covers a broad range of applications made possible by a combination of volume- and payload-optimising features, as well as a wide variety of individual equipment options. As a result, Kögel Mega Lightplus is perfectly streamlined for economic efficiency. Another advantage: The relatively low tare weight of this high-volume trailer saves fuel, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. The combined benefits are fully in line with Kögel’s guiding principle: “Economy meets ecology – because we care”.Strong, durable and extra light
The Kögel product portfolio meets the highest standards in quality. Every innovation of the Kögel engineers combines maximum cost-efficiency and sustainability. The key to this success is the specially developed lightweight engineering that is used in Kögel Mega Lightplus. In the basic version, the high-volume trailer weighs a slim 5,400 kg, making it approx. 700 kg lighter than the standard Mega trailer. Thanks to special equipment, such as aluminium rims, lightweight tyres and aluminium air tanks, the weight can be further reduced, enabling additional weight savings of more than 200 kg. The chassis in a lightweight steel construction, with a low frame neck height of 90 mm, ensures maximum usable internal height and a spacious capacity.
Despite its optimised materials, Kögel Mega Lightplus is strong and durable. High-quality fine grain steel and full-width cross beams evenly and optimally distribute the weight of the load across the loading platform. In addition, the lightweight trailer has the same optimised external frame profile and improved body that characterise all NOVUM generation trailers.New body using special lightweight construction techniques
In the basic design, the front wall, including the front volume corner posts, the rear corner posts, and the rear wall door portal are made of aluminium. Additional roof support frames made of aluminium further reduce the weight. Thanks to the standard lifting roof, loading from the side is extremely easy. Up to three stacked pallet cages can be loaded without a problem. An additional optimisation is the L-shaped roof strap, which enables a loading height of a full three metres for pallet-width loads.
The pockets for lattices on the front and rear corner posts are practically integrated in the corner posts to protect them from damage. To make life even easier for our customers, all the lattice pockets are completely height-adjustable.Plenty of extras on board
At Kögel, the customer is our top priority, as reflected by our motto “Because we care”.  Kögel Mega Lightplus offers many extra benefits for the customer. With the specially reinforced, optional Strong&Go body, Kögel has succeeded in significantly reducing the amount of equipment needed for various certifications. As a result, the body complies with the DIN EN 12642 Code XL body stability and Daimler guideline 9.5 without the use of lattices. A beverage certificate for single and double-level transport on standard pallets can be obtained with only a single row of lattices. Here, too, Kögel engineers have gone the extra mile: thanks to an optional load-securing system, which can be implemented using an additional welded strap on the side tarpaulin, customers can do without even a single row of lattices.

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