Schmitz Cargobull Meets Press Members

Schmitz Cargobull Meets Press Members


The dinner organization was hosted by Sales Director Nihat Ö Ayhan, Product and Marketing Manager Erkan Makaklı and Marketing Officer Betül Arslan as the Schmitz Cargobull officials

Noting that the sector declined continuously since 2015, Schmitz Cargobull Sales Director Nihat Ö. Ayhan indicated that despite the decline experienced, they are satisfied with their investments in Turkey and said they look at the future with hope. We share the details of our conversation with Nihat Ö Ayhan during the dinner organization.

“Schmitz Cargobull is Pleased with the Returns”

Since 2015, our sector has been going backwards in a stable way and everyone gets its share. In such a period, apart from growing; it is very difficult to maintain your market and turnover. Schmitz Cargobull made investments in this process in Turkey despite the recession and current market crisis. Schmitz Cargobull is very pleased with these investments and returns and looks at the future with hope.

This experience of Us in Turkey Opened the Investment Opportunities to Other Countries

We prepared test plan to make the production of four products in Turkey and we realized our investment. In April 2017, we started to produce Tilted Frigo in August of the same year. Our dumper trailer project has been completed but we have suspended it because the market is not stable. Whenever the market is stable, we will start our project. Currently, our awning and frigo production continues. Our fourth product is an open body, which is called raft trailer in the sector we call platform trailers. We can produce and assemble these four products in our facilities. This was our first experience for us in Turkey. After us, the factory in Zaragoza started to produce frigo. Our system has spread to other factories. Because we had the opportunity to observe that this experience was successful, functional and profitable. In short, Turkey was the pilot region. The result of the application of this method has led to expanding the production, and our experience in Turkey that has opened the way for investment opportunities in other countries.

“We became the market leader by leaving our competitors behind”

When we left with Enka in 2016, our market share in awning was 6 percent and our share in frigos was 17.4 percent. We started awning in mid-2017 and a frigo at the end of the same year and we closed 2017 with a share of 9 percent in a tent and 23.7 percent in a frigo. In 2017, Schmitz Cargobull became the global market leader with a 55 percent share in the refrigerator. In 2018, while the contraction continued, leaving behind our serious competitors who had completed their organizations long before us; We also became the market leader with a share of 28.4 percent in the refrigerated with a share of 13.4 percent. As of the first six months of 2019; our market share in the awning reached 19.7% and the market share in the frigos reached 36.5%.

“In this process, you can not take the fast Step, gazelle step,  Ant Steps Always Better Health”

For the end of 2019, we have set a realistic target for ourselves and our feet need to hit the ground. There was no time for capacity and trade. It was a period of high retail sales and the capacity of our esteemed competitors was strong. They may be in terms of fleet sales in the second half of the year in terms. Our main goal is to increase our market share in a stable manner. Even if we are not happy with profitability, it is important for us that the coming year will make a difference of 0.1 percent from the outgoing year. In this process, you can not take the fast, gazelle step, it is always healthier to move forward with ant steps.

“We are capable of covering 80 per cent of the Refrigerator Needs in Turkey”

Market growth is not a single way. Each product has positive returns, and when these overlap, you can accelerate better than your competitors. We come to the point of need refrigerated coverage of approximately 80 percent in Turkey. Because of the logistics reasons, we cannot do only the one with 2.75 interior height in Turkey. We were at the level of 60 percent in awning and we increase this level every 3-4 months. Now we have reached 90 percent level. We only cannot make the double layer in a single tent.

We want to become an important player in awning and we are on this way

This year our goal is to go advance by building up on the previous year. We want to become an important player in awning and we are moving on this path. Our exchange of ideas with our customers will strengthen our way. We are also committed to a stable development. Schmitz Cargobull is renowned for its refrigerated, tilt, axle, roof and suspension technology. You just have to enlarge our market in Turkey has a very good product is not enough, you need to play according to the game rules. For example; you need to provide quality service in second hand operations. We play by the rules in Turkey.


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