“Valentino Rossi refused to participate in Marc Marquez’s documentary”

“Valentino Rossi refused to participate in Marc Marquez’s documentary”

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Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Marc Marquez: All In’ features the Repsol Honda rider speaking in more detail than ever before about the explosive incidents that led to his fiery rivalry with Rossi.Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa were interviewed in the documentary about their own rollercoaster relationships with Marquez, but Rossi refused an offer to join in.Marquez is Running Out Of Time | World domination for Ducati | MotoGP Podcast EP.78Video of Marquez is Running Out Of Time | World domination for Ducati | MotoGP Podcast EP.78Will Valentino Rossi’s VR46 team continue if his Academy stops producing talent?”We consulted Valentino, but he did not want to participate,” director Jaime Perez told Revelo. “We had a documentary by Marc Marquez, but we also talked about events involving Lorenzo or the first years with Pedrosa where he said strong things. “We went to them, we explained it to them and both, with all their rights, said yes, and Rossi, with all his rights, said no.”Marquez bluntly accused Rossi of intentionally kicking him off his bike in the notorious Sepang 2015 race, and conceded that he did not want to assist his rival in winning the championship that season.”I believe that any product of this type brings the public closer to the protagonists, to those who are on Olympus, and shows that they are human,” director Perez said. “Marc has helped to make this human.Related Miguel Oliveira: ‘It’s Marc Marquez… you have to take him into consideration’ Toprak: ‘Easy for Ducati, I eat the tyre’ – should non-Ducati riders be worried?”In this way, by humanising the big stars, interest is opened up to other spectators who probably had not thought of watching a whole season of MotoGP. “When they enter, as has happened to all of us, and sit down to watch it with some interest, they are going to stay because it is a spectacular sport.”

Marquez: “Good guys don’t make it!” – Lorenzo: “He doesn’t know another way”Rossi may not have wanted to partake but Emilio Alzamora was interviewed.Alzamora, Marquez’s manager since the rider was 12-years-old, was told his services were no longer required last summer.”The situation with Emilio Alzamora, after many years, is a very delicate thing that really only concerns them, but we were there,” Perez said. “It is a very difficult issue to deal with because it is a subject where the professionalism of both and the human part. “An almost father-and-son relationship, 18 years old. “In addition, it breaks in a way that, as they have said, wears out, but continues to be just as painful. “It is something that has to be told, but with the care and respect it deserves.”Perez said about the project: “The idea of ​​making the documentary came from Marquez, who considered that he was at a moment where his age, his maturity and his personal situation made him ready to record something of his own. “A docu-series, as he likes to say, by Marc Marquez as a person, not just as a rider. He found out about the type of documentary products we had made, which were pieces that he had liked, and he opted for us to enter into that project. “Sometimes it is the company that turns to the protagonist, but in this case it was the other way around.” 

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